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The importance of routine & how to build your own

Having routines and consistency in life can help us stay regulated, reduce stress, and lead to guaranteed results – and when it comes to skin care, a tailored daily regimen is no different. Our skin's needs evolve as we age and in order to achieve great skin, maintain it, and prevent new problem areas from appearing, it is important to keep up with daily habits. Using the right skin care products on a steady basis will play a major role to keeping your skin healthy and in check.

While the science behind today’s skin care products continue to develop, there is still no immediate fix or solution to perfect skin. Benefits will occur over time and a noticeable difference will only come with regularity.

To begin, ensure to fulfill at least the three essential steps to a minimal daily routine:

• Cleanse – wash your face of any dirt and debris

Tone – balance the skin

Moisturize – keep skin hydrated

The goal is to refresh and refine your complexion regularly so it can appear and function at its best, while targeting any issues or concerns to resolve them.

For added impact and more noticeable results, incorporating more specialized products into your skin care routine can prove to be extra rewarding. Consider the following additions:

• Eye Creams – target the finer details in a highly sensitive area of the face

• Exfoliants – regenerate skin for more radiance

• Masks – target specific areas with an extra overall dose of skin food and nutrients

• Serums – hyper-nourishing formulas made from specialized active ingredients

• Lip Treatments – the most sensitive area to environmental changes must be cared for regularly

To determine which products are right for your skin type, click HERE.

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