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How to Find Products for Your Skin Type

As every individual in the world varies in personality, appearance, and humanistic traits, so does their skin, with few one-size-fits-all solutions that satisfies all needs. So how do you know what’s right for your skin, or even what kind of skin you have? Defining your skin “type” is the key to finding your perfect pairs, and crucial to being aware of what will benefit you and provide desired results vs. what could potentially harm or irritate your face.

While a billion-and-one combinations of skin types may exist, the industry has narrowed down the possibilities to 5 categories, which addresses the vast majority and outlines specific traits to identify with:

• Sensitive Skin – skin reacts adversely to most product, becomes red, inflamed, and irritated after application. WHAT TO USE: avoid product with highly active ingredients or strong fragrances, and opt for more natural formulas.

• Dry Skin – skin feels tight, itchy, and may flake or peel. WHAT TO USE: Day and night creams regularly to keep skin hydrated and moisturized, avoid products with irritating ingredients or strong fragrances.

• Oily Skin – skin is shiny, feels slick, and experiences regular breakouts. WHAT TO USE: Gel and liquid formulas, and avoid heavy, greasy textures.

• Combination Skin – different areas of the skin have different traits (both oily and dry). WHAT TO USE: Target oily areas with gel and liquid formulas and sooth dry areas with lotions and serums regularly.

• Normal Skin – no significant presence of flaking or oiliness. Skin is smooth and does not react adversely to products. WHAT TO USE: Lightweight formulas that are not too thick or heavy.

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