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What’s the New Take on Safe/Clean Beauty?

It’s 2020 and there’s a new movement happening in our world of skin care that revolves around the mission of safer, cleaner, beauty.

So what does this pursuit entail? Here’s our takeaway on what we’ve been seeing among similar beauty brands and the direction in which the charge is heading in:

• Non-Toxic Ingredients – formulas are being made more mindfully with more natural ingredients through safer and better monitored processes. Skin care products should benefit our bodies, not put our health at risk and this is becoming more widely recognized.

• Transparent Labelling – if products are made well, there should be nothing to hide. Today’s avid beauty-user is knowledgeable and industry-savvy. Using accurate terminology and honest claims without fluff and buzzwords is the best way to describe a truly superior item, and illustrates to clients that they’re not being manipulated or mislead.

• Better Regulation – for an industry that relatively lacks regulation, it’s up to beauty brands to do their part to ensure proper protocols and standards are adhered to. This may involve implementing enhanced and additional regulation on manufacturing processes and procedures within their own individual companies. 

• Increased Awareness – fostering an active conversation keeps the goal of cleaner beauty relevant and prevalent. Customers are paying more attention to what’s in their cosmetics and being more vocal on what their expectations are from their favourite brands. Keeping this dialogue going and fostering direct communication is key to maintaining momentum in this rapidly growing movement.

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